Special variables in Perl with examples

Perl developers love to type less and Perl provides an abundant set of special variables to support the same. These variables generally use special characters like punctuation marks etc. so that developers can easily identify them from the

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What happens when you type a URL in browser

Apart from being a very common interview question, this is one of the very first query which lingers around in our mind every time we type a URL in a browser. Here is an attempt to satiate this quest while we delve into the details of what

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OSB Reporting Action Extension

This article focuses on extending the OSB reporting feature by making the reporting data accessible outside OSB Dashboard. By default a reporting action in OSB proxy service flow will show the report in OSB dashboard. When reporting action

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Remote Debugging using gdb

There are several flavors of debugging an application such as - print debugging, post mortem / core-dump analysis, live debugging and remote debugging. Out of all these methods of debugging - remote debugging is the trickiest one. In genera

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Bug tracking system - a necessary evil

“Software with zero bugs is a myth”. Throughout the life of a software new bugs are uncovered and if not tracked properly, things can go out of hands even before you realize it. Bug tracking systems, as evident from the name is a system

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What you ought to know about alpha, beta versioning

Excelling at your professional software environment is not just about Coding, it is also about understanding and following certain processes and standards. One such aspect which you have to deal with is - software release cycle. Though this

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Code Organization is the key

Ever been tied up in a situation where you see thousands of files containing code, with each file containing several hundreds of lines ? And on top of that you manager has asked you to understand the same code and create a small documentati

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Which approach is better - Top-Down or Bottom-Up

Top-Down and Bottom-Up are the terms given to general practices followed in several industries to achieve the end result. Contrary to the common belief, these terms are no way restricted only to programming paradigm - they are widely used i

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