Ever been caught up with issues that takes hours, may be days to resolve ? And what you did after resolving the issue ? Simply had a good night's sleep !! Thats good, but would have been better if you had shared the same with rest of the world. Giving it back to the world, whatever you learnt in the process feels great. Articles/Tutorials here at EduSagar are meant for the same purpose. So be a hero for someone else and share to the world whatever you feel is worth sharing.
There is no definite date to which the begining of this project can be attributed. But it all started with the desire of a hardcore C programmer to see and try out how this facinating web world looks. And there is no better way to learn things by doing it. So, the goal was set and work started with the sole intention of learning and sharing the learning in the form of articles/tutorial/interview preparation material or whatever name you want to give. But the intention has been clear throughout - you gain knowledge by sharing it with other and not by locking it inside your head. Thus, we have been sharing the stuff that we learnt during development of this project generously and we hope that the same will continue. Anyone who feels alike can contribute to this project by sharing their quota of information.
Pankaj Pal | EduSagar

Pankaj Pal

Design, Development, Content Management and anything you can relate to EduSagar
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Komal Sharma

Front end, Design and the thing that matters the most - Motivator
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