sqlite database performance analysis

In this article I have posted an analysis that I performed on sqlite database taking various aspects into consideration. Below, you will find the comparisons in the form of a table along with its graphical representation. Machine spec us

Function of OPTIMIZE FOR n ROWS in DB2

OPTIMIZE FOR n ROWS:  Ã˜       This method enables the programmers to specify the estimated maximum number of rows that will be retrieved. Ø       It provides more i

DB2 Access path Determination - Function of DB2 Optimiser

Function of DB2 Optimizer:  Ã˜       The Optimizer is the method by which DB2 chooses to carry out the data manipulation requested in the SQL statements Ø       DB2 Opt

Spend Analysis - An Introduction

Spend Analysis:  It is a process of collecting, classifying and analyzing expenditure of any company by using their ledgers.We can reduce procurement cost by monitoring the expenditure of any organization.Also we can analyze their spen

SQL queries with foreign keys or database is hierarchical

In this article I intend to discuss a way to query database(relational : unique data is stored in a row of table) using SQL when 1) Hierarchical Data is stored in database.2) There are 2 or more tables and 1 table contains a column which ho