Why Notepad is not enough for writing code

Writing code is not just about typing wonderful sequences of keywords and tokens, it is an ongoing activity that involves many other aspects. When you work in a collaborative environment with many contributors, you need to first develop an

Debugging is Fun

"If you don't enjoy debugging, you're pretty much not a programmer at all, forget a good one."Debugging is an art rather than a mere requirement imposed upon you by circumstances. Most of us define debugging as an act of finding and fixing

A software engineer must know his tools

Like a soldier keeps on checking up his weapons regularly, a developer must be aware of all the tools he might have to use to solve a problem at hand. If one doesn't have the required hands-on knowledge of the various available tools, the t

Myths - why you should not follow Coding Guidelines

We all would agree to the fact that Following Coding Guidelines makes one's life quite easy whether it is writing code or reading some one else's code. Not only does it increase your application's durability, it also eases the pain of trans

Why you should follow Coding Guidelines

Best piece of code is the one which is coded properly. What does 'properly' mean to you ? The very first answer I get is that the code should do what it is supposed to do. Very seldomly I get to hear that coding properly also means that the

MySql - resetting deleted root user and password

resetting an accidently deleted mysql root user or password requires you to have command line access to mysql daemon which needs to be stopped and restarted.

Issues with C library routine - realloc()

All of us are pretty familiar with this seemingly harmless routine packaged mostly as a part of C library. At the first glance, this looks pretty familiar and easy to include in our existing code. This is mainly due to the fact that we assu

A B C of Access Control Modifiers

Ever wondered why A B C . . . is taught with reference to Apple, Ball, Cat and so on? Wouldn't you agree that grasping something new is much easier and stays in your head for longer if it could be related to something you are very well familiar with?

Simulating try-catch block in C

Using try-catch blocks in any programming language provides a way to handle errors and deal with them in an elegant manner. Not only the code looks beautiful, it is also easy to write and comprehend. try-catch blocks are an integral part of