OSB Reporting Action Extension

OSB reporting action extension can be achieved by making the reporting data accessible outside OSB Dashboard by using JMS modules, JMS connection factory, JMS queue

SNMP Alert Configuration in OSB

This article focuses on creating SNMP alert from OSB and sending it to a destination.1. Create an alert destination in OSB with configuration as shown below 2. Create a Proxy Service to generate an alert and send it to the al

How to revert an atomic changelist using perforce (p4)

If you are working in a professional IT company then it is must that your company must be using some repository software for developement purpose.And most of these repository-softwares have started using softwares, which stores changes in f

Aggregation Server Not Available

For a weblogic server consisting of many managed servers, often in the server logs we may find a recurring log as below The reason for the same lies with the d

One Business Service for Multiple JMS Destinations

In OSB we can create a single business service to post messages to different JMS destinations. Below steps explain how we can configure the same1. Create a business service to send message to any JMS destination as below