BitWise Operators Advanced Tricks

This article is an extension of BitWise Operators - Basic Tutorial. In this article we will look at some complex application of bitwise operators.

BitWise Operators - Basic Tutorial

In this article we will discuss about the bitwise operators and their application in practical applications with some examples with required explanation. For simplicity lets stick to C/C++ for this article. The lowest level of data that we

useful do while(0) trick

This article is about an useful programming trick to avoid writing clumsy and highly nested if-else conditions. The perfect example of this could be - "error handling code". Let me present you with a clumsy error - handling code which

How to revert an atomic changelist using perforce (p4)

If you are working in a professional IT company then it is must that your company must be using some repository software for developement purpose.And most of these repository-softwares have started using softwares, which stores changes in f

How to design a beginner website

Day by day Web space is being cluttered with new websites. If you are launching a new product or setting up your business or simply you want to share your views a website is the way to go. Not only does it provides you a much wider platform

Aggregation Server Not Available

For a weblogic server consisting of many managed servers, often in the server logs we may find a recurring log as below The reason for the same lies with the d

One Business Service for Multiple JMS Destinations

In OSB we can create a single business service to post messages to different JMS destinations. Below steps explain how we can configure the same1. Create a business service to send message to any JMS destination as below