MySql - resetting deleted root user and password

resetting an accidently deleted mysql root user or password requires you to have command line access to mysql daemon which needs to be stopped and restarted.

Types of Database Relationships

Generally speaking, database relationships refer to the way data is organized across multiple tables where data in one table is referring to data in another table by some relation. Technically speaking, database relationship is a term that

5 SQL tuning Strategies - DB2

Tuning Strategies:   Ø       Tuning Strategy 1: ü       Adjust the COLCARD, FIRSTKEYCARD and FULLKEYCARD columns to an artificially high value. Reason: ü&nbs

Tuning of SQL queries in DB2 when RUNSTAT is not feasible

Updating the DB2 Catalog Statistics: Ø       This method of tuning is chosen whenever standard methods (RUNSTATS) of influencing the DB2’s access path selection are not satisfactory.  Ø 

Function of OPTIMIZE FOR n ROWS in DB2

OPTIMIZE FOR n ROWS:  Ã˜       This method enables the programmers to specify the estimated maximum number of rows that will be retrieved. Ø       It provides more i

Tweaking of SQL queries in DB2 - Use of Filter factor

Tweaking the SQL statements:  Ã˜       Tweaking is the process of changing a SQL statement without changing its functionality Ø       Filter Factor is a ratio that DB2

DB2 Access path Determination - Function of DB2 Optimiser

Function of DB2 Optimizer:  Ã˜       The Optimizer is the method by which DB2 chooses to carry out the data manipulation requested in the SQL statements Ø       DB2 Opt

Tuning and optimisation of SQL in DB2 - Tips and Tricks

Most SQL queries are written with little importance to performance tuning. Often, this is not a problem when programs are tested in test environment, where performance is not an issue. But, production environments calls for lesser execution

SQL queries with foreign keys or database is hierarchical

In this article I intend to discuss a way to query database(relational : unique data is stored in a row of table) using SQL when 1) Hierarchical Data is stored in database.2) There are 2 or more tables and 1 table contains a column which ho