Caution while adding maps to Endevor

A special care needs to be taken while adding the maps to Endevor.

A map has three types: - SDFIIPNL, SDFCOPY and SDFGRP. While adding a new map to Endevor, the SDFIIPNL is only added to it with correct processor group. The SDFCOPY is automatically added to Endevor along with SDFIIPNL but with the Proc group NOPROC.

In case you happen to add the SDFCOPY first to Endevor without any processor groups, the same will get added to it as NOPROC. But later on while adding the SDFIIPNL without Proc group, the SDFIIPNL and SDFCOPY will have different versions. Now even if u delete the SDFCOPY and try to add the SDFIIPNL without PROC group, it will add only the SDFIIPNL (i.e. the SDFCOPY will not be automatically added now).

Endevor processor groups determine what kind of processing will be done. Since a processor group was not specified it defaulted to NOPROC which roughly translates to “no processing”.

 This emphasis the importance of Processor groups while adding elements to Endevor

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