Nicknames for long PDS names

Here is the short and sweet way to remember the long name of your PDS.
1)     Just go to 3.4   
2)     Type the name of your PDS.       
3)     Press ENTER, it will take you to the screen where we type ‘m’ for Members, ‘e’ for Edit or ‘b’ for Browse.
4)     Type ‘ra’ at that place, where we type ‘m’
5)     It will ask you for the name, type a name there.
6)      This name will be taken as Nick name for that PDS.
7)     Now every time you want to open that PDS, no need to go to 3.4 option and type the entire name, instead, go to command line and type dslist nickname and your PDS will open in another window. 
There is a suggestion for remembering Nicknames also.
If we are working in online, we can give nicknames of PDS as
Onlinemo (online modules)
Onlinecb (online copybooks)
Onlinelk (online linkcards) etc.
So when we wish to see PDS, we will give name as: - dslist onlinemo etc.
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