SNMP Alert Configuration in OSB

This article focuses on creating SNMP alert from OSB and sending it to a destination.

1. Create an alert destination in OSB with configuration as shown below

SNMP Alert Configuration - OSB -1 

2. Create a Proxy Service to generate an alert and send it to the alert destination created in step 1 as shown below.

SNMP Alert Configuration - OSB 2

3. Login to Weblogic Console of the OSB Server and go to Domain Structure tree Diagnostics->SNMP. Click on the Domain Scoped SNMP agent and go to General Tab as shown below

SNMP Alert Configuration - OSB 3

As shown in the above snapshot, make sure the Enabled checkbox is checked and value of SNMP UDP Port is set to a value greater than 1024 as ports up to 1024 are reserved by the system.
4. On the same page click on the Trap Destinations tab to configure the target where the SNMP trap should be sent. Click on New to create a new SNMP Trap DestinationSNMP Alert Configuration - OSB 4


The above diagram shows configuration to send the alert to an HPOV system

Community, Host and Port values should be provided by the target system where the alert needs to be sent

Please note for the target system to be able to understand Weblogic SNMP messages, it is necessary to import Weblogic MIB into the target system.  These MIBs can easily be downloaded or requested from Oracle.



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