Why Notepad is not enough for writing code

Writing code is not just about typing wonderful sequences of keywords and tokens, it is an ongoing activity that involves many other aspects. When you work in a collaborative environment with many contributors, you need to first develop an understanding of the existing code. How it is organized, what are the coding guidelines followed, procedures to maintain the sanctity of the code, review processes and many others. With all these integral aspects of writing code - do you feel our old friend - Notepad will be able to handle them.

Going a bit deep inside the Code writing process, let us see what a good Code editor or an IDE has to offer:
  • Integrated Code browsing and editing experience
  • Syntax highlighting and Auto-completion
  • Auto-indentation
  • Multiple file views
  • Quick and effective navigation
  • integrated search and replace capability across files and directories
  • Browsing and editing history
  • Hyperlink navigation (jump to specific function, token across files or directories)
  • Already written templates
  • Highly configurable to allow third party plugin integration
  • Execute commands from the same window where you are typing
  • And many more...

The list mentioned above is very concise, but it should be enough to give you an idea why one need a proper code editor which is specifically meant to do the job and not just any other generic editor like Notepad. Working in Notepad or individual files would have served while you were working alone with all the code spread across very few files and where you already know what piece of code is written in which particular file. But, when you have to work with hundred other developers, you just can't rely on any text editor. This is the time to go professional and use something which is meant to do that job only.

I have discussed commonly used code editors and browsers in detail in my book - "Hello World: Student to Software Professional " published by Partridge (A Penguin Random House Company). Now available worldwide on all the MAJOR ONLINE Stores - Amazon, Google Play, Flipkart, Barnes & Noble and many others.
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