What happens when you type a URL in browser

This article explains in step-wise detail as to what really happens when you type a url in the browser. This is also a very common interview question asked by almost every tech company.

Using Jquery UI sortable to sort table rows

Jquery UI sortable plugin allows us to sort items using drag and drop action of mouse clicks. jquery sortable plugin can also work with separate up down buttons

5 CodeIgniter libraries you must have

Compiled a list of 5 CodeIgniter libraries that you must have for your web development environment, such as HMVC, templates, authorization and routing library

Inode - file structure on Unix

Internal representation of a file is called an Inode (contraction of term - index node) which contains all the required information and description of the file data and its layout on disk. This article deals in detail with the informati

inode and file descriptor table Interaction

 Inode tables interact with user process specific file descriptor tables and global file tables in Unix File System to facilitate the file handling. In this article we would discuss about these table in detail and build an understandin

I/O redirection using dup() system call

What is a dup() system call. dup() system call in unix systems copies a file descriptor into the first free slot in the private file descriptor table and then returns the new file descriptor to the user. It works for all the file types. The

Multi dimensional array sorting in php

Sorting a multi dimensional array represents a very common and frequent requirement. Let me get straight to a practical example:Here is an array of activities by several users on EduSagar:$activities = array ( '1' => array( 'id

SDSF commands - Quick tips

BASIC SDSF COMMANDS Go to SDSF and then type I or H (for input or output queue respectively). The following commands can be executed only from the SDSF panel. 1) To see jobs submitted with a specific Job name :Type  â€œPre <Jo

Codeigniter .htaccess redirection for query string URL

Recently EduSagar was upgraded to accommodate MVC framework provided by Codeigniter. This was done in an effort to get more meaningful and SEO-friendly segmented URLs. Things worked pretty well, but then we faced a weird issue.