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Javascript Tutorial part 2 - syntax

This is the second article in the series of Javascript tutorials at EduSagar. You might want to check out the previous article here that gives a very basic overview of Javascript. In this article we will go through Javascript syntax and whe

Javascript Tutorial part 1 - An introduction

Javascript is a highly powerful language which runs seamlessly with HTML and CSS put together inside a web browser. It is based on ECMAScript which is an open standard. Although started as a client side scripting language, Javascript has ev

Types of Database Relationships

Generally speaking, database relationships refer to the way data is organized across multiple tables where data in one table is referring to data in another table by some relation. Technically speaking, database relationship is a term that

Multi dimensional array sorting in php

Sorting a multi dimensional array represents a very common and frequent requirement. Let me get straight to a practical example:Here is an array of activities by several users on EduSagar:$activities = array ( '1' => array( 'id

Codeigniter .htaccess redirection for query string URL

Recently EduSagar was upgraded to accommodate MVC framework provided by Codeigniter. This was done in an effort to get more meaningful and SEO-friendly segmented URLs. Things worked pretty well, but then we faced a weird issue.

SNMP Alert Configuration in OSB

This article focuses on creating SNMP alert from OSB and sending it to a destination.1. Create an alert destination in OSB with configuration as shown below 2. Create a Proxy Service to generate an alert and send it to the al

Issues with C library routine - realloc()

All of us are pretty familiar with this seemingly harmless routine packaged mostly as a part of C library. At the first glance, this looks pretty familiar and easy to include in our existing code. This is mainly due to the fact that we assu

A B C of Access Control Modifiers

Ever wondered why A B C . . . is taught with reference to Apple, Ball, Cat and so on? Wouldn't you agree that grasping something new is much easier and stays in your head for longer if it could be related to something you are very well familiar with?


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