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Simulating try-catch block in C

Using try-catch blocks in any programming language provides a way to handle errors and deal with them in an elegant manner. Not only the code looks beautiful, it is also easy to write and comprehend. try-catch blocks are an integral part of

Technology And Innovation

Does a tech article have to be necessarily boring and exclusively for geeks?   By the way, many people don't even know what the term geek stands for. Its meaning has evolved from ‘a carnival performer of sensa

Nicknames for long PDS names

Here is the short and sweet way to remember the long name of your PDS. 1)     Just go to 3.4    2)     Type the name of your PDS.        3) 

Caution while adding maps to Endevor

A special care needs to be taken while adding the maps to Endevor. A map has three types: - SDFIIPNL, SDFCOPY and SDFGRP. While adding a new map to Endevor, the SDFIIPNL is only added to it with correct processor group. The SDFCOPY is a

sqlite database performance analysis

In this article I have posted an analysis that I performed on sqlite database taking various aspects into consideration. Below, you will find the comparisons in the form of a table along with its graphical representation. Machine spec us

Simple explanation of Inline Functions In C

Last year I was working to optimize a (C) code and improve the performance of a product. One of the measures taken was to change simple and small functions which were called numerous times to inline functions.I know of existence of

Recovery of a deleted dataset

There can be an instance when somebody unknowingly deletes your data set or by mistake you have deleted it but now you need it. HMS takes the back up of the dataset on each night. You can check whether your data set is backed up or not w

Basics of UMDT - User Maintained Data table

In February 1989, CICS announced enhancements for the CICS/MVS product and CICS/MVS 2.1. Most notable was the introduction of CICS Data Tables support, either as CICS Maintained Data Tables (CMDT) or User Maintained Data Tables (UMDT). ‘D


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