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inode and file descriptor table Interaction

 Inode tables interact with user process specific file descriptor tables and global file tables in Unix File System to facilitate the file handling. In this article we would discuss about these table in detail and build an understandin

Inode - file structure on Unix

Internal representation of a file is called an Inode (contraction of term - index node) which contains all the required information and description of the file data and its layout on disk. This article deals in detail with the informati

Unix File System internals

In Unix based file systems all the entities on disk are treated as a File. The internal representation of a file is called an "inode" (contraction of term - index node) which contains all the required information and description of the fi

Spend Analysis - An Introduction

Spend Analysis:  It is a process of collecting, classifying and analyzing expenditure of any company by using their ledgers.We can reduce procurement cost by monitoring the expenditure of any organization.Also we can analyze their spen

SQL queries with foreign keys or database is hierarchical

In this article I intend to discuss a way to query database(relational : unique data is stored in a row of table) using SQL when 1) Hierarchical Data is stored in database.2) There are 2 or more tables and 1 table contains a column which ho

zero length array in C

Declaring Zero length array in place of normal pointers is a common programming practice in networking jargon where we have to implement header of a payload to be passed across network. In this article, we will discuss how we can implement

JQuery error: $("#") is not a function

JQuery is gaining popularity day by day and at times we end up using multiple jQuery elements on a single page. With this it brings many issues, if we just go on and copy jQuery elements directly into webpages from the internet. The first a

Tries - n-ary Prefix Tree

Trie - pronounced as try, derived from retrieval is a data-structure based on n-ary tree and is a specialized form of prefix trees. In this article, we will first see what is a trie and then we will discuss about the dictionary appl


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