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Static And Shared C Libraries

C Libraries What is a library: A library is simply a file that contains or rather groups together multiple compiled object code files to a single file that is to be incorporated later into a program. Functions which are

Understanding Hash Tables

This article is regarding the basic understanding of a relatively complicated topic in Computer Science - Hash Tables. I have prepared this article keeping in mind to provide a basic and conceptual overview of the hashing mechanis

Using gdb to skip irrelevant failure while debugging at remote-site

Many a times in big team projects, you have many errors(say X) in code which don't happen to be your current focus(say A).Normally, developers add there code in various option exactly for this purpose to suppress irrelevant but failing cod

Accounting Gimmicks: How promoters take out money from own company

We are talking about the unusual ways by which promoters take out money from business. As we know usual ways are in form of dividends & remuneration. But by twisting some of the accounting standards they can easily take out money and in

little / big endian mystery

This article is an attempt to resolve the mystery behind the often misunderstood and ever-confusing, though relatively simpler terms known as little / big endian. The term came from famous Gulliver's Travels by J. Swift where two groups could not dec

XPED Quick Tip

In Xped a DB2 query is replaced by a PERFORM until and a call like this: *****         CLM_GEN =                         *****          :DCLCLIAM.CL-CL-ID AND*****         CL_STATUS = :DCLCL

BitWise Operators - interview Questions

In this article I am going to present few interview problems that are directly based upon the concepts of bitwise operations. I would urge you to please go back and check BitWise Operators Basic Tutorial and BitWise Operators Advanced Trick

BitWise Operators Advanced Tricks

This article is an extension of BitWise Operators - Basic Tutorial. In this article we will look at some complex application of bitwise operators.


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