Welcome to DataBase Quiz, Entry Level !!

Question 1. The relational database environment has all of the following components except


separate files

query languages


Question 2. Sort/Report generators

are faster than index/report generators

require more disk space than indexed/report generators

do not need to sort before generating report

both a and b

Question 3. Which of the following contains a complete record of all activity that affected the contents of a database during a certain period of time?

report writer

query language

data manipulation language

transaction log

Question 4. Which of the following are the factors to consider when you want to select a DBMS based on the criteria of physical capabilities, as recommended by CIW ?

hardware requirements

data compression support

encryption support

All of the above

Question 5. With SQL, how do you select all the columns from a table named "Persons"?

SELECT [all] FROM Persons

SELECT All Persons

SELECT *.Persons


Question 6. In the world of SQL relational database, the data type for varchar, in general, is:

Fixed length string of n characters

Variable length string up to n characters

Floating point number of p bits precision

32-bit signed integer

Question 7. You are managing the in-house database systems. You are creating a series of secondary indexes in your relational database. By doing so, which of the following issues must be carefully considered .

confusion in selection of optimal query execution method

disk space consumption

performance overhead

All of the above

Question 8. Under JDBC, which of the following types of instances can be created by the Connection object?




All of the above

Question 9. You reject someone's proposal to use File-based databases. Which of the following are the disadvantages of such databases?

repetition of data

separation of data

data dependence

All of the above

Question 10. You run a SELECT statement, and multiple duplicates of values are retrieved. What keyword can you use to retrieve only the non duplicate data?