Welcome to DataBase Quiz, Intermediate Level !!

Question 1. The management information system (MIS) structure with one main computer system is called a

hierarchical MIS structure

distributed MIS structure

centralized MIS structure

decentralized MIS structure

Question 2. What is used by a properly designed DBMS to enable databases to be returned to the pre-transaction state should errors occur?

two phase commit

prefetch transaction

one phase commit

backup and restore

Question 3. A transparent DBMS

can not hide sensitive information from users

keeps its logical structure hidden from users

keeps its physical structure hidden from users

both b and c

Question 4. In the DBMS approach, application programs perform the

storage function

processing functions

access control

none of the above

Question 5. The language used by application programs to request data from the DBMS is referred to as the



query language

none of the above

Question 6. What will be the output of the following statement? SELECT LEN(CAST(LEFT('026-100', 3) AS INT))

Statement will generate an error.




Question 7. Given an employees table as follows: empid name managerid a1 bob NULL b1 jim a1 B2 tom a1 What value will select count(*) from employees return?




None of the above

Question 8. With SQL, how do you select all the records from a table named "Persons" where the value of the column "FirstName" starts with an "a"?

SELECT * FROM Persons WHERE FirstName='%a%'

SELECT * FROM Persons WHERE FirstName LIKE '%a'

SELECT * FROM Persons WHERE FirstName='a'

SELECT * FROM Persons WHERE FirstName LIKE 'a%'

Question 9. Which of the following is NOT a valid description of the public role?

The public role captures all default permissions for users in a database.

The public role cannot be dropped.

The public role is contained in every database, including msdb, tempdb, model, and all user databases except in the master database for security purposes.

The public role cannot have users, groups, or roles assigned to it.

Question 10. In your program you want to use the JDBC-ODBC Bridge driver. What code do you use?