Welcome to Operating System Quiz, Intermediate Level !!

Question 1. Which of the following scheduling algorithms is non-preemptive?

Round Robin

First-In First-Out

Multilevel Queue Scheduling

Multilevel Queue Scheduling with Feedback

Question 2. In UNIX based systems,To build a modularized kernel, the kernel-headers and kernel-source packages must first be installed. Where will you find the kernel-headers and kernel-source





Question 3. In a virtural memory environment

segmentation and page tables are stored in the cache and do not add any substantial overhead

slow down the computer system considerable

segmentation and page tables are stored in the RAM

none of the above

Question 4. _______ OS pays more attention on the meeting of the time limits.



Real time


Question 5. ______ is a high level abstraction over Semaphore

Shared memory

Message passing


Mutual exclusion

Question 6. A major problem with priority scheduling is ?

Definite blocking


low priority

none of the above

Question 7. Which of the following is crucial time while accessing data on the disk?

Seek time

Rotational time

Transmission time

Waiting time

Question 8. In the ___________ method of data transfer, the participation of the processor is eliminated during data transfer.



Direct Memory Access

Indirect Memory Access

Question 9. Where does the swap space reside ?




On-chip cache

Question 10. Which of the following does not interrupt a running process?

A device


Scheduler process

Power failure