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Question 1. Which symbol will be used with grep command to match the pattern pat at the beginning of a line





Question 2. Suppose the time to service a page fault is on the average 10 milliseconds, while a memory access takes 1 microsecond. Then a 99.99% hit ratio results in average memory access time of

1.9999 milliseconds

1 millisecond

9.999 microseconds

1.9999 microseconds

Question 3. Consider a set of n tasks with known runtimes r1, r2, ? rn to be run on a uniprocessor machine. Which of the following processor scheduling algorithms will result in the maximum throughput?





Question 4. Demand paged memory allocation

allows the virtual address space to be independent of the physical memory

allows the virtual address space to be a multiple of the physical memory size

allows deadlock to be detected in paging schemes

is present only in Windows NT

Question 5. The solution to Critical Section Problem is : Mutual Exclusion, Progress and Bounded Waiting

The statement is false

The statement is true

The statement is contradictory

None of the above

Question 6. In UNIX, Which command is used to display the top of the file





Question 7. The process related to process control, file management, device management, information about system and communication that is requested by any higher level language can be performed by



System Call


Question 8. Replace the page that will not be used for the longest period of time. This principle is adopted by ?

FIFO Page replacement algorithm

Optimal Page replacement algorithm

Round robin scheduling algorithm

SCAN scheduling algorithm

Question 9. An optimal scheduling algorithm in terms of minimizing the average waiting time of a given set of processes is

FCFS scheduling algorithm

Round robin scheduling algorithm

Shorest job - first scheduling algorithm

None of the above

Question 10. In the blocked state

the processes waiting for I/O are found

the process which is running is found

the processes waiting for the processor are found

none of the above