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Question 1. What is a shell

It is a hardware component

It is a command interpreter

It is a part in compiler

It is a tool in CPU scheduling

Question 2. Which symbol will be used with grep command to match the pattern pat at the beginning of a line





Question 3. _________ is a high speed cache used to hold recently referenced page table entries a part of paged virtual memory

Translation Lookaside buffer

Inverse page table

Segmented page table

all of the above

Question 4. The state of a process after it encounters an I/O instruction is





Question 5. In the ___________ method of data transfer, the participation of the processor is eliminated during data transfer.



Direct Memory Access

Indirect Memory Access

Question 6. Which technique was introduced because a single job could not keep both the CPU and the I/O devices busy



Preemptive scheduling


Question 7. In a multithreaded environment _______.

Each thread is allocated with new memory from main memory.

Main thread terminates after the termination of child threads.

Every process can have only one thread.

none of the above

Question 8. Suppose the time to service a page fault is on the average 10 milliseconds, while a memory access takes 1 microsecond. Then a 99.99% hit ratio results in average memory access time of

1.9999 milliseconds

1 millisecond

9.999 microseconds

1.9999 microseconds

Question 9. Consider a machine with 64 MB physical memory and a 32-bit virtual address space. If the page size is 4KB, what is the approximate size of the page table?

16 MB

8 MB

2 MB

24 MB

Question 10. In UNIX, Which command is used to display the top of the file