Welcome to Web Quiz, Entry Level !!

Question 1. By an extranet we mean ?

an extra fast computer network

the intranets of two co-operating organizations interconnected via a secure leased line

an extra network used by an organization for higher reliability

an extra connection to internet provided to co-operating organization

Question 2. What is the correct syntax in HTML for creating a link on a webpage?

<LINK SRC= "ghumti.html">

<BODY LINK = "ghumti.html">

<A SRC = "ghumti.html" >

< A HREF = "ghumti.html">

Question 3. Text within <EM> ? </EM> tag is displayed as ________





Question 4. IP addresses are converted into

a binary string

alpha-numeric string

a hierrachy of domain names

a hexadecimal strings

Question 5. Comments in XML document is given by:

<?_ _ _ _>

<!_ _ _ _!>

<!_ _ _ _>

</_ _ _ _>

Question 6. Output of XML document can be viewed in a

Word Processor

Web Browser


none of the above

Question 7. What is the full form of HTTP?

Hyper text transfer protocol

Hyper text transfer package

Hyphenation text test program

none of the above

Question 8. What is Web 2.0?

An HTML standard

Software for web page creation

Trend in website design that encourages user interaction

Nothing special

Question 9. Which of the following is valid IP address?




Question 10. Internet requires

an international agreement to connect computers

a local area network

a commonly agreed set of rules to communicate between computers

a world wide web