Welcome to Web Quiz, Entry Level !!

Question 1. A web page is located using a ?

Universal Record Linking

Uniform Resource Locator

Universal Record Locator

Uniformly Reachable Links

Question 2. Which tag is used to display the numbered list?





Question 3. What is the full form of TCP/IP?

transmission control protocol / internet protocol

telephone call protocol / international protocol

transport control protocol / internet protocol

none of the above

Question 4. By an extranet we mean ?

an extra fast computer network

the intranets of two co-operating organizations interconnected via a secure leased line

an extra network used by an organization for higher reliability

an extra connection to internet provided to co-operating organization

Question 5. IP addresses are converted into

a binary string

alpha-numeric string

a hierrachy of domain names

a hexadecimal strings

Question 6. Internet is a?

local computer network

world wide network of computers

an interconnected network of computers

a world wide interconnected network of computers which use a common protocol to communicate with one another

Question 7. Which HTML tag would be used to display power in expression (A - B)2 ?





Question 8. Which of the following are the attributes that can be used with the APPLET tag ?




All of the above

Question 9. A homepage is __________

an index of encyclopedia articles

where all Internet data is stored

required for access to the Internet

the first page of a website

Question 10. Which of the following is valid IP address?