Welcome to Web Quiz, Intermediate Level !!

Question 1. What will the search string "link:www.ex-designz.net" show?

The list of backlinks from other sites on the Web to ex-designz.net.

The list of backlinks from other sites on the Web to ex-designz.net that are available in the index of the particular search engine.

The home page of ex-designz.net

The anchor text of the backlinks that link to the ex-designz.net site.

Question 2. Which property would you use to redirect visitor to another page?





Question 3. The advantages of XML over HTML are
(i) It allows processing of data stored in web-pages
(ii) It uses meaningful tags which aids in understanding the nature of a document
(iii)Is simpler than HTML
(iv)It separates presentation and structure of document

(i),(ii) and (iii)

(i),(ii) and(iv)

(ii),(iii) and (iv)

(i),(iii) and (iv)

Question 4. Which of the following are CSS2 features not found in CSS1?

Color and background properties

Bi-directional text

Positioning of elements on the page

all of the above

Question 5. What view in Microsoft FrontPage would you use if you wanted to view all the pages in your web site in a tree structure?

Folders View

All Files View

Task View

Navigation View

Question 6. Which technique is referred to as inline scripting?

The use of SCRIPT tags in line with the HEAD and BODY tags.

The addition of the INLINE tag within the controlling HTML.

The embedding of scripting instructions within certain HTML tags.

The physical justification of the script (major routines on the left, and lesser routines indented and on the right).

Question 7. FTP and SSL are protocols which operate on port numbers:

21 and 443 respectively.

21 and 444 respectively.

23 and 443 respectively.

443 and 21 respectively.

Question 8. Higher-end (24-bit) monitors are capable of displaying how many colors?





Question 9. What is meant by Google bombing?

Submitting the site again and again in order to include it in Google's index.

Multiple sites linking to the same site, with the same anchor text in order to get high ranking for the keyword in the anchor text

Extensively using the word ?Google? on your pages in order to get high rankings with Google.

using google adwords to boost your site's visibility

Question 10. Using inline styles on a page with multiple overlapping styles is being referred to as: