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Question 1. What will the search string "link:www.ex-designz.net" show?

The list of backlinks from other sites on the Web to ex-designz.net.

The list of backlinks from other sites on the Web to ex-designz.net that are available in the index of the particular search engine.

The home page of ex-designz.net

The anchor text of the backlinks that link to the ex-designz.net site.

Question 2. A homepage is __________

an index of encyclopedia articles

where all Internet data is stored

required for access to the Internet

the first page of a website

Question 3. Which technique is referred to as inline scripting?

The use of SCRIPT tags in line with the HEAD and BODY tags.

The addition of the INLINE tag within the controlling HTML.

The embedding of scripting instructions within certain HTML tags.

The physical justification of the script (major routines on the left, and lesser routines indented and on the right).

Question 4. You noticed that you cannot see the applet while the page is loading. What's the reason for it?

incorrect file permission settings

applets must register all its parameters with the JVM before it can function

applets are protected

applets are not registered

Question 5. Higher-end (24-bit) monitors are capable of displaying how many colors?





Question 6. A web page is located using a ?

Universal Record Linking

Uniform Resource Locator

Universal Record Locator

Uniformly Reachable Links

Question 7. WYSIWYG is an acronym for what?

What You Saw Is What You Got

What You See is What You Get

What You Seen is What You Gotten

What You Saw is What You Get

Question 8. What is a WYSIWYG?

Web page generating software

A buzz word meaning weird-looking website

FTP software

Acronym for Where You Start is Where You Go

Question 9. Which of the following are CSS2 features not found in CSS1?

Color and background properties

Bi-directional text

Positioning of elements on the page

all of the above

Question 10. What is the correct way to write a JavaScript array?

var txt = new Array(1:"tim",2:"shaq",3:"kobe")

var txt = new Array="tim","shaq","kobe"

var txt = new Array("tim","shaq","kobe")

none of the above