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Question 1. You use HTTP-EQUIV together with ____________ to cache a page to the Browser's folder on the hard drive.





Question 2. A friend has designed a graphic containing several words. Why should he/she choose to save this image file as a GIF rather than a JPG?

JPG's render true color poorly at some screen resolutions, whereas GIFs do not.

The GIF file format is tailored to the Internet, whereas the JPG was developed for storage only.

The file compression features of the JPG format may render the fonts unreadable.

JPG's are about three times the size of GIFs and therefore take more time to render in a browser.

Question 3. Which of the following correctly describe the features of Flash

vector-graphic based animation

browser independent

bandwidth friendly

all of the above

Question 4. What view in Microsoft FrontPage would you use if you wanted to view all the pages in your web site in a tree structure?

Folders View

All Files View

Task View

Navigation View

Question 5. Onclick is equivalent to which two events in sequence

onmouseover and onmousedown

onmousedown and onmouseout

onmousedown and onmouseup

onmouseup and onmouseout

Question 6. <TITLE> ? </TITLE> tag must be within ________





Question 7. What is Web 2.0?

An HTML standard

Software for web page creation

Trend in website design that encourages user interaction

Nothing special

Question 8. <SCRIPT> ? </SCRIPT> tag can be placed within ________



both a and b

none of the above

Question 9. A homepage is __________

an index of encyclopedia articles

where all Internet data is stored

required for access to the Internet

the first page of a website

Question 10. What is the full form of HTTP?

Hyper text transfer protocol

Hyper text transfer package

Hyphenation text test program

none of the above