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Question 1. Internet is a?

local computer network

world wide network of computers

an interconnected network of computers

a world wide interconnected network of computers which use a common protocol to communicate with one another

Question 2. What is PageRank?

The search relevancy of a page compared to the other pages in the search engine's index.

The way Google measures how popular a given page is based on the number and quality of sites that link to it.

The way Yahoo! measures how popular a given page is based on the number and quality of sites that link to it.

The Alexa technology for ranking pages.

Question 3. Which statement best describes cookies?

Sent by the server to all clients.

Sent by the server in response to a client request.

Sent by the client and stored on the server after the client user has signed a digital certificate.

Received by a client immediately after an e-commerce transaction is completed.

Question 4. Which of the following are CSS2 features not found in CSS1?

Color and background properties

Bi-directional text

Positioning of elements on the page

all of the above

Question 5. A homepage is __________

an index of encyclopedia articles

where all Internet data is stored

required for access to the Internet

the first page of a website

Question 6. What is the full form of TCP/IP?

transmission control protocol / internet protocol

telephone call protocol / international protocol

transport control protocol / internet protocol

none of the above

Question 7. In Satellite based communication, VSAT stands for?

Very Small Aperture Terminal

Varying Size Aperture Terminal

Very Small Analog Terminal

None of the above

Question 8. Which of the following correctly describe Dreamweaver's form building capability?

It designs XML forms.

It supports forms generated by Access Database.

It has no server side form processing features

It has no client side form processing features.

Question 9. IP addresses are converted into

a binary string

alpha-numeric string

a hierrachy of domain names

a hexadecimal strings

Question 10. Onclick is equivalent to which two events in sequence

onmouseover and onmousedown

onmousedown and onmouseout

onmousedown and onmouseup

onmouseup and onmouseout