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Question 1. A friend has designed a graphic containing several words. Why should he/she choose to save this image file as a GIF rather than a JPG?

JPG's render true color poorly at some screen resolutions, whereas GIFs do not.

The GIF file format is tailored to the Internet, whereas the JPG was developed for storage only.

The file compression features of the JPG format may render the fonts unreadable.

JPG's are about three times the size of GIFs and therefore take more time to render in a browser.

Question 2. Using inline styles on a page with multiple overlapping styles is being referred to as:





Question 3. What is a WYSIWYG?

Web page generating software

A buzz word meaning weird-looking website

FTP software

Acronym for Where You Start is Where You Go

Question 4. Which of the following is an attribute of <Table> tag?





Question 5. Which of the following correctly describe the features of Flash

vector-graphic based animation

browser independent

bandwidth friendly

all of the above

Question 6. A certain Div ID

Should be used only once a page

Is a replacement for SPAN

Is the same as Div CLASS

Needs to be declared as a float

Question 7. When using the ISINDEX tag, how do you override the default message?

you cannot do this

use the ASK attribute

use the MESSAGE attribute

use the PROMPT attribute

Question 8. Which of the following correctly describe the features of SSI ?

It uses OLE as the database technology

There is no official standard

It is a substitute to ActiveX control

It is developed by W3C

Question 9. Which of the following are CSS2 features not found in CSS1?

Color and background properties

Bi-directional text

Positioning of elements on the page

all of the above

Question 10. Text within <STRONG> ? </STRONG> tag is displayed as ________